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Sabtu, 21 November 2009

smk negeri purwosari bojonegoro bisa

Seputar dunia smk


The Seven Habits model of management and leadership guru Stephen Covey is a theory that is applicable to our personal life, our social life and our working life. However the Seven Habits framework is highly applicable for leaders and managers. According to Covey, our paradigms affect how we interact with others, which in turn affects how they interact with us. Therefore Covey argues that any effective self-help program must begin with an "inside-out" approach, rather than looking towards our problems as "being out there" (an outside-in approach). We must start with examining our own character, paradigms, and motives.
The Seven Habits of Covey
1. Be proactive. This is the ability to control one's environment, rather than the opposite, as is so often the case. Managers need to control their own environment, by using self-determination and the ability to respond to various circumstances.
2. Begin with the end in mind. This means that the manager must be able to see the desired outcome, and to concentrate on activities which help to achieve that end.
3. Put first things first. A manager must manage his own person. Personally. And managers should implement activities which aim to achieve the second habit. Covey says that habit 2. is the first, or mental creation; habit 3 is the second, or physical creation.
4. Think win-win. This is the most important aspect of interpersonal leadership, because most achievements are based on shared effort. Therefore the aim needs to be win-win solutions for all.
5. Seek first to understand and then to be understood. By developing and maintaining positive relationships through good communications, the manager is understood by others, and he can understand the subordinates.
6. Synergize. This is the habit of creative cooperation: the principle that collaborating towards attaining a purpose often achieves more, than could be achieved by individuals working independently.
7. Sharpen the saw. We should learn from our previous experiences. And we should encourage others to do the same. Covey sees development as one of the most important aspects for being able to cope with challenges, and for aspiring towards higher levels of ability.
In his 2004 book: "The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness", Covey introduces an additional eighth habit:
8. Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. Striving towards "greatness", means to act with integrity as an individual and to help others to do the same. According to Covey, this habit represents the 3rd dimension of his model. Greatness is the overlap of:
• Personal greatness. Applying the 7 habits in the forms of: vision, discipline, passion and conscience.
• Leadership greatness. Applying the 4 roles of leadership, which are modeling the 7 habits:
o Path finding. Creating the blueprint.
o Aligning. Creating a technically elegant system of work.
o Empowering. Releasing the talent, energy, and contribution of people.
o Modeling. To build trust with others. The heart of effective leadership.
• Organizational greatness. This is greatness turned into a vision, mission and values. This brings clarity, commitment, translation, synergy, and enables accountability.

Soal - soal try out multimedia 2009

1. USB adalah singkatan dari …
a. Universal Serial Bus
b. Unix Serial Bus
c. Union Set Bios
d. Universal Serial Bios
e. Unit Serial Bus

2. Format gambar/image yang dapat digunakan dalam pembuatan halaman web adalah sebagai berikut, kecuali …
a. jpeg/jpg
b. bmp
c. gift
d. png
e. doc

3. Berikut software yang dapat digunakan dalam pembuatan halaman web, kecuali …
a. Microsoft FrontPage
b. Nero Burning room
c. NotePad
d. Wordpad
e. Microsoft Word

5. Sebelum membuat halaman web, kita perlu menentukan dulu struktur navigasi halaman web, untuk membuat struktur halaman web pada software namo editor 5, klik file dan pilih …
a. Blank document
b. New Site
c. Open Site
d. Pagesetup
e. Toolbar

6. Apabila animasi akan digunakan dalam halaman web, maka anaimasi tersebut dipublish dengan format …
a. fla
b. swf
c. exe
d. avi
e. psd

7. Software yang digunakan untuk mempermudah transfer halaman web ke internet adalah …
a. USB
b. LPT 1
c. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
d. File Manager
e. ISP (Internet Service Provider)

8. Untuk dapat memodifikasi atau mengedit halaman web di Internet, untuk log in-nya kita harus mengisikan …
a. user name
b. password
c. user name/id dan password
d. user name/id dan id card
e. id number

9. Animasi dapat digunakan dalam pembuatan movie dengan format …
a. fla
b. swf
c. exe
d. avi
e. psd

10. Toolbar berikut pada Microsoft PowerPoint digunakan untuk …..

a. Membuat file baru
b. Membuat slide baru
c. Membuat animasi
d. Menerapkan background slide
e. Membuat link ke halaman slide yang lain

11. Untuk menyisipkan image dari file tertentu maka tool bar berikut yang harus dipilih …

12. Pada komputer multimedia terdapat suatu alat yang digunakan untuk mendengar serta merakam suara melalui headset, disebut …
a. vga card
b. sound card
c. memory card
d. hardisk
e. land card

13. Untuk mendapatkan posisi gambar yang tepat dalam mengunakan perakaman gambar (handycam) kita harus menset tool yang disebut …
a. focus
b. menu
c. battery
d. zoom
e. long play (LP) Standar Play (SP)

14. Berikut adalah software yang sering digunakan dalam menyunting audio, adalah a. adobe audition dan cool edit pro
b. cool edit pro dan adobe photoshop
c. adobe photoshop dan adobe audition
d. adobe premire dan cool edit pro
e. photoshop dan cool edit pro

15. Berikut adalah format penyimpanan audio yang sering digunakan, kecuali …
a. Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG)
b. mp3
c. Windows PCM (wav)
d. real media (rm)
e. Microsoft ADPCM (wav)

16. Software berikut yang umum digunakan dalam penyuntingan video, kecuali…
a. Pinnacle Studio
b. Adobe audition
c. Adobe premire
d. Ulead
e. Movie maker

17. Berikut adalah format penyimpanan file dalam penyuntingan video, kecuali …
a. Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG 1)
b. Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG 2)
c. MP3
d. AVI
e. MOV

18. Ukuran resolusi untuk MPEG 1 (VCD) dalah
a. 384 x 288 pixel
b. 720 x 576 pixel
c. 250 x 150 pixel
d. 800 x 600 pixel
e. 1024 x 768 pixel

19. Untuk mentransfer/mengcapture video dari handycam atau media lain diperlukan suatu alat yang disebut ….
a. VGA card
b. Sound card
c. USB
d. TV-Tuner
e. Video Card Capture

20. Berikut adalah kegunaan dari after effects, kecuali …
a. Animasi pembuka Opening tune acara TV atau CD interaktif
b. Movie game intro
c. Design Grafis (Katalog atau foster)
d. Animasi teks untuk iklan
e. Movie company profile

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